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SLA Technology

Smooth Surface

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High Precision Printing

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Prepare your 3D File(stl.),
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Smooth SLA 3D printing

SLA Resin Property

SLA Resin Property
  • 3D File must be sealed / solid

  • Soft & Easily Deformed: less than 1.5mm

  • Heat Deformation: above 45°C

  • Yellowing: Under UV lamp / sunlight

  • Strength & Toughness: Certain

  • Max. print size: 1400x800x500 mm

  • Able to structural and appearance testing

  • Printing time usually : 2 - 7 days 


High Precision Printing

  • Accuracy : 200 Micrometer

  • Strong Expressiveness in details

Note : If the thickness is less than 1.5mm, the printing model would be soft and easily deformed

High Precision Printing

Smooth Surface

  • SLA 3D Printing texture is different with traditional FDM 3D Printing

  • Suitable for any related appearance testing / confirmation


Able To Print Combination Parts

  • Suitable for any structural testing / confirmation of parts and models

Large Scale Printing

  • Max. print size 1400x800x500mm

  • Unique pasting technology can solve the problem, the model is large than the max. print size


Suitable On
Post-processing Technology

  • Post-processing Technology: Polishing, Painting, ​Electroplating and skill-screen printing

Model Maker HK offer post-processing technology service from 3D printing final prototype.

Mass Production Printing

  • Can only mass production white resin printing (Right)

  • Or mass production with painting or other post-processing (Left)


SLA Resin Printing Works

3D printing allows designers to increase the speed of prototype development, quickly realize 3D prototypes, and integrate innovative and complex curved surfaces to be widely used in different industries.

Which Service Right For You?


Transparent Resin


Castable Wax


Model production

Nylon & Nylon Fiber

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