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About 3D Printing Service

I want to 3D printing, how can I order?

Prepare your 3D file and upload the file to our real-time quotation system. The process only takes one minute to preview and check the model. After selecting the material and quantity, there will be an instant quotation.  

The price is calculated by computer according to the volume of the file model uploaded by the customer and the weight (g) of the model, and the price is transparent.


3D printing real-time quotation system

Order processes :

  1. Upload 3D files

  2. Instant preview and Check model

  3. Choose the material and quantity (view the material characteristics, and you can also choose the post-processing color of the model)

  4. Payment

  5. Email notification after printing is completed

What is a 3D File?

3D files are files generated by various 3D drawing software modeling, and the file formats are mostly files in stl and .obj formats.

I don't have a 3D file, can I print the design drawing / 2D floor plan / 3D drawing made by AI/PS?


3D file is a 3D model file generated by various 3D software after modeling, the file format is mostly (.stl) and (.obj).

The 2D image (.jpg/.png) is flat and cannot be converted into a 3D file format. So it cannot be printed directly.

I don’t have a 3D file, can I do 3D printing?

  • If there is no 3D file, but there is a physical model, please provide:

  1. the various photos of the object

  2. and the actual object size to us

we will provide the scanning service quotation and production time according to the size and complexity of the object.

  **We also provide reverse engineering, drawing 3D files according to actual objects. Need to provide physical photos and physical dimensions for quotation.


  • If there is no 3D file or physical model, please provide:

  1. 2D design drawing/product picture

  2. and required size.

We will provide 3D file drawing service quotation and production time according to the size and complexity.

For detailed 3D scanning or 3D file drawing services and effects, please go to our website to see more:

How to use the 3D printing real-time quotation system?

Before uploading 3D files in the system, there is an video guide to watch the video for introduction.


3D printing real-time quotation system



Simple Order processes :

  1. Upload 3D files

  2. .Instant preview and Check model

  3. Choose the material and quantity (view the material characteristics, and you can also choose the post-processing color of the model)

  4. Payment

  5. Email notification after printing is completed

What type of 3D file format does 3D printing accept?

The quotation system can upload 3D files as .stl, .obj, .wrl, .step (.stp), .iges (.igs), .3mf, .dxf and .zip (including model and texture) files, up to 200 mb.

When drawing 3D models, are there any limitations that I must be aware of before printing?

  1. The uploaded 3D file model must be sealed/solid

  2. The thickness of the model should NOT be less than 1mm, objects less than 1mm may not be formed

  3. The minimum model cannot be smaller than 5 x 5 x 5mm

  4. Machines with different maximum print sizes will also be different, detailed sizes can be found on our website for more:

  5. If there are parts that need to be printed separately, please save them separately

  6. The recommended file format is .STL

  7. The file cannot be larger than 200MB.

What 3D printing materials and technologies do you provide?

Model Maker HK provides:


SLA printing technology: resin-white (smooth surface)

MJP printing technology: resin-purple (lost wax casting) and

SLS printing technology: Nylon-gray black, gray, light yellow, white / nylon fiber-black (high temperature resistance, high strength)

See more detail on our website.

Which material and printing technology should I choose?

Different 3D printing technologies have different characteristics, and can basically be divided into several types:


SLA printing technology


  • Entry/Affordable Economical Resin (入門經濟樹脂/實惠經濟樹脂) - Affordable, usually used for appearance and structure testing, but cannot be stressed, the surface is very smooth, there are two options for hollow wall thickness 2-3mm or solid printing. **Can be color process


  • Model Making / Details Resin (模型製作樹脂/細節清晰樹脂) - Use complex models for fine printing, the surface is extremely smooth, there are two options for hollow wall thickness 2-3mm or solid printing. **Can be color process


  • Crystal Transparent Resin (水晶透明樹脂) - There are two options for transparent and semi-transparent print processing, only solid print. **Can be color process


SLS printing technology


  • Nylon Material(尼龍) - high temperature resistance, good toughness, high strength, but the surface is grainy, only solid printing.


  • Nylon Fiber(高性能尼龍) - higher temperature resistance, toughness and strength than nylon, higher precision, can be applied to complex assembly, housing and various parts, only solid printing.



You can contact us via Email / Whatsapp / Singal, we will have professionals to understand your needs and recommend suitable materials and technologies for you.

What is the printing accuracy?

SLA printing accuracy: about 200 microns

MJP printing accuracy: about 25 microns

How much time and cost does 3D printing need?

The cost will vary for different object sizes and materials; for objects of general size, it takes about 3-7 working days. There is also a one-day urgent printing service. 3D image files (STL format) can be uploaded to the real-time quotation system. The price, Time to quote online immediately! If you have any special needs, please contact us via Email / Whatsapp / Singal.

Can the model coloring service be quoted using the self-service quotation system?

The current quotation system only provides a single-color quotation without polishing, that is, a single-color service on the ground without polishing a model part. You can choose a color for each model file and fill in the Pantone number of the color.


**Due to the chromatic aberrations of different displays, there may be chromatic aberrations in color. We will try our best to paint and color, so as to achieve 80% similarity between the concept map and the actual color. If customers have very requirements for color accuracy, please submit them as soon as possible.


For more detailed model coloring and production, please contact us for a quotation.


**Model coloring service is only limited to SLA 3d printing.

Do you provide FDM(PLA) 3D printing?

Our company uses all industrial machinery provide for 3D printing aim to provide more atable amd cost-effective material to client. Not provide FDM(PLA) 3D printing services.

For more info. : How the different of surface bewteen SLA & FDM 3D printing.

About Payments

What payment methods can be used?

We provide the following payment methods:


  • Self-service quotation system online payment

Credit Card (Master / Visa)


  • Offline payment


Online transfer (Bank of China, HSBC, Shanghai Commercial Bank)

ATM deposit (Bank of China, HSBC, Shanghai Commercial Bank)


If you use offline payment (FPS, online transfer and ATM deposit), you must send the deposit certificate to us via Whatsapp (+852 5596 8684) / email ( after payment, and we will Verify and confirm your order as soon as possible.

Will the number of late entries affect the completion time?

Generally, the production will start after the order is paid in full to avoid delays in production, please pay in time.

About 3D Printing Order

Is there a minimem order?

The minimum order is HKD150.

How can I track my order?

You can log in to my account in the quotation system ➔ order ➔ to check the status of the order.


In addition, the order status will also be notified to the customer via email. The status is divided into confirmed ➔ processing ➔ waiting for pickup/delivered.

What is the delivery method?

In Hong Kong, you can choose to ship by SF Express (Freight collect) or pick it up at the Tsuen Wan studio.

  **If ship to SF Store/ SF Locker, please fill in the SF address code in delivery address. 

In Macau and Taiwan, use SF Express (Freight collect) .

Outside Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, use UPS express. *Need to pay extra freight

How can I pick up the goods when I receive an e-mail to be picked up?

Address: Room 2310A, 23rd Floor, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Business hours: Monday to Saturday: 14:00-19:30


(*If you need to pick up after 6:00PM, please make an appointment)


Closed on Sundays and public holidays

How to process cancelled order and refund?

Once all orders are placed, no cancellations or refunds will be accepted. In addition,

Model Maker HK reserves the right to cancel any order (eg. if the model is not suitable

for production / a file contains more than one independent model, etc.),

the cancelled order will be deducted HK$5 to pay for the system fee incurred by the refund.

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